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More about the Author

Learn more about the Author

He was born in Europe and has been living in Spain for some years now.

He speaks three languages . French is his mother tongue. Be indulgent with his English.

All the work that you will see are real drawings or paintings. He is like a craftsman. He only uses the computer to embellish and create some effects on the original drawing.

He draws and writes in a classic way, with a pen and a paper. He likes the curve and follows his inspiration when he works. He uses the computer to embellish the original drawing.

He learnt by himself with the help of some friends, how to use multimedia programs to create design, video, website etc… During his orientation in school or work, he did exactly the contrary of what he is doing now.

He knows that it is the beginning of something and doesn't know what is the next step of this. As a traveler, he knows that he can go when necessary and stays as long as possible.  He always keeps in mind"I am learning"

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